My letter to my Eating Disorder

Dear Eating Disorder,

You just can’t let me be, can you? I am writing to you because I am devastated. You cling onto me, and I guess a little I cling onto you too – scared of being alone. But I know now this is an unhealthy co-dependent relationship.

You are constantly talking at me. You never shut up. You have all the rights and power. You decide when my airways get tight because you unleashed your best mate anxiety. You choose which days I spend in bed because you send your other pal, Depression.

You are ruthless, and you are making me tired. For now, I may still allow your antics, but I am gathering strength to kick you out.

I know you love a good fight and you always think you win, as you always have, but soon there will be no more. Just not now. Right now you got me cornered, like so many times before. But I will get back up and lash out in your face.

Yours – for not much longer;


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