I want my life back!

It follows a short ’Anecdote of my Recovery’. Every little bit of hope counts and I want to be sharing my journey, as well as break down the stigma – I need to tell you about this. I hope the following will be a breakthrough on my journey to health.

Something unusual happened the other today. I feel like I can imagine a life beyond my eating disorder. It is so clear to me how much time of my life this has taken up. I also know there is still a long way to go, but for the first time, it feels possible. There are going to be setbacks – but I am ready to regain my life and give my passion and love to other things than my obsession with food and body image.

Most likely, I will still spend a little more than a week in the hospital to foster these new feelings and finish my TMS treatment. Today I reflected on how big the part of my life is, the eating disorder occupies and I don’t want that anymore.

Let’s bring it on! As always, I am sending you hope and love.


PS: It is World Mental Health Day – Make your promise here – or let others inspire you!

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