Always expecting the worst – some thoughts on accepting uncertainty.

Uncertainty is one of those things which is tough to comprehend, especially if you are finding your self in a place where you want to ensure you are always in control. Are we able to control everything? Probably not. Would it be good to have the ability to control everything? Probably not either.

Recently, I have been doing some reading on this topic, and I learned that I am struggling with this a lot more than I thought. In Eating Disorders and Anxiety, it is quite common to see perfectionism and black and white thinking. I used to be a big a believer of: ” Expect the worst and you can’t be disappointed.” I am pretty sure I learned that from Kurt Cobain.

Today I am trying to be aware of these thoughts. I try not to respond, as I want to preserve my energy and not worry too much. Letting go of the “expect the worst” thought and be present in the moment can help. Different grounding strategies could come in handy at this point. Try to accept that your mind is wandering. 

There are some clear advantaged to requiring certainty in your life, as it gives you a sense of control and causes less anxiety. On the flip side, worry leads to further worry, leads to a lot of energy being burned on something which might not even happen.

A very good friend of mine always suggests surrendering. While I find it challenging, it keeps me in the moment”. It all takes time and practise. I set myself a new motto, and it might work for you too:

“I want to be a warrior, not a worrier” – by unknown

If you would like to read more on the topic, I can recommend: Me Worry? Workbook

Some of the content of this blog is based on this.

Have a beautiful day everyone and surrender – somethings will always be beyond our control.



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