Binge Eating is real!

It is the unspoken side of many eating disorders. More often then not, heavy food intake restriction is accompanied by periods of binge eating. It’s a behaviour many people are very ashamed of. 

It hits you out of nowhere, this irresistible urge to eat. Eat whatever you can find or buy. Learning to delay, or even fight this urge takes a long time. Your brain is conditioned, that this void you are feeling right now, can only be filled by stuffing your face with whatever is there. What people binge on varies. Most likely they are foods from the ‘forbidden ‘ list, foods they probably not dare to eat in public. 

This all happens in secret. People have all sorts of different places to binge: Bedrooms, cars, public bathroom stalls, living room, closets, kitchens. So much shame comes with this when food takes control and the voice in your head starts: You have no self-control, no wonder you are fat, you are disgusting etc. It is a harsh voice. 

How would others react if they knew? Everyone must judge you like that voice, right? 

No! Binge eating is a just as serious and harmful behaviour as severe restriction is. Sadly, for some people, it is not as ‘acceptable’ as a side effect of their eating disorder. Therefore, it is not as openly spoken about. Superficially, many people think Eating Disorders are just about the desire to live in a smaller body, and sometimes it is, but not always. Especially, people in larger bodies are hugely ashamed of binge eating behaviours and take their own illness less serious, despite people in thinner bodies are most likely are feeling the same about themselves. Here we are, the good old weight stigma… 

We need to stop portraing eating disorders in only one way and speak about that it is a serious issue for ANYBODY! There is nothing glamorous about any form and shape of disordered eating and no gender, size or anything else makes it less valid than others. 

If you have experienced episodes of binge eating, I want you to know it is ok. I have too. This is a valid concern and I encourage you to reach out for help. Check out the “Resources” tab for some starting points. You got this! 


2 Replies to “Binge Eating is real!”

  1. Thank you so much for shedding light into this. Binge eating is really shameful, specially when we feel like eating any amount of food is “wrong”. I remember eating to the point I was in physical pain, it’s an awful memory and I wish no one else has to go through it.


  2. I am so thankful for someone to talk about binge eating.
    I have anorexia but I tend to be binging an it more lately it’s horrible and feeling of out if control and to numb and distract away from what’s happening around me.
    I feel a fraud and a fake anorexic as I binge but I been told o have anorexia but I still wonder.


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