A quick update on my discharge!

I needed to write this today to capture all the feelings I am having right now. My initial plan was for my next blog to be a little more generic instead of just talking about me. Well, change of plan- I’m practising flexibility and all that.

After a planned two week admission I am home and actually on the way to the hairdressers – self-care and distraction!

I went through various ups and downs during this admission and overcame several hurdles with the support of others and my own strength.

Right now I am feeling proud, empowered and ready to take on the world. I have put plans in place to handle tougher days and I am not kidding myself – they will come. A long-standing Eating Disorder is not cured after this (and all other treatment I have received so far) but I am starting to feel that I CAN beat this.

I am very excited to return to work tomorrow and be with my wonderful team. It is going to be interesting to balance the new routines I am trying to establish in my workplace but I am determined to make it work.

Yesterday, I got a little scared when taken to the Emergency Department with chest pain. Cardiac issues are a real risk for people with eating disorders. It turned out I have an inflamed oesophagus. This is the toll I have to pay for the behaviours my eating disorder drives me to. I have been well the last few days and I am still in enough pain to learn: I am not invincible.

It was almost like I had to be taught one last lesson before going home. Other times I might have panicked in this situation but I managed to surrender and stick it out. I was relieved to be medically cleared the same day and to return to the clinic I have been treated at.

Today came around and I am home and truly happy. I have met some amazing people and I want to support their recovery in a positive manner and I really hope to be able to make a difference one day. I want to contribute to make treatment more accessible and break down the stigma surrounding Eating Disorders. I have a lot of work to do for myself and then hopefully others but I know you can’t pour from an empty cup.

For now: I am super excited to be at the hairdressers and get pampered for the afternoon.

Look after yourself and dream big!


PS: Got something you’d like to read about? Please reach out! I have also been loving the lovely insta messages. Follow me there if you are curious 🖤

2 Replies to “A quick update on my discharge!”

  1. I’m happy for you! Sometimes we need the physical pain to remind us of the consequences of our behaviors, I’m glad you’re home and looking to keep improving 💕💕


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