Go hard or go home…

We live in a society which wants us to be connected 24/7 and be on top of our life’s at any given time – or at least successfully pretend we are. Yep, looking at you Instagram and Co….

I am a sucker for this as well and I am terrified of seeming not put together or not productive all the time. This leads to hours of negative self-talk and isolation. It’s almost like I can only present a put together version of myself or I go into exile in my bedroom.

As soon as I get into the office, I have to succeed and get it all done perfectly. I go hard until I go home. Currently, I am only working part-time but I am obsessed with giving everything when I am at work to make up for not being there the other days – I think that’s what it is. On my days at home all I think about is being productive and all the things I should achieve. Sometimes that exhausts me so much that I end up spending the day hiding in bed. A real ‘all or nothing’ mentality that is. Don’t even get me started on the afternoons I fall straight into my bed after work…

What can we do to slow ourselves down:

1. Rationalise
It helps me to put things into perspective. What is the number one priority for the day? Had a busy week? Maybe a quiet day in bed is ok? Want to solve all the problems at work in one day? Maybe pick your battles for one day. Rome was not built in a day!

2. Journal

Writing down my intentions for the day can be extremely helpful. It really helps during those mornings, when I am ready to solve all my problems in one day. It also helps when I find it really hard to get myself going in the morning. I usually pick a small task like, one load of washing, shower, make my own coffee/tea or whatever works best at that moment to at least give me a little sense of achievement.

3. Walk

Sometimes I get so caught up in my productivity that I can’t stop myself. There are no breaks, no food or hydration. My mind is pressuring me into functioning and only functioning, there is no room for doubt. In those moments I try to pull myself back and take some time out. A walk around the block is sometimes all it takes to break out of the frantic speed of activity. On the flip side: even on a ‘hiding day’, a walk around the block can change the outlook on the day.

Being aware of the moment and recognising what is happening is the first step to interfere. Instead of the ever-nagging perfectionist voice in our heads, we should take more time to be kind to ourselves. It’s hard – I know. That is a topic I will conquer another day.

So long,

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