Dentist Diaries – I did it to keep smiling!


Yesterday I overcame a big fear – I am very proud so I thought I’d tell you about it. For over six months now, I have been rescheduling my dental appointment. I needed to get some work done and because I knew that was most likely a result of my Eating Disorder, I was more afraid than ever.

I am not going to lie – I have never been the toughest cookie on the planet and my pain tolerance is probably not very high. Downsides of sensitivity you know…

After many follow up calls from my dentist, I agreed to schedule the appointment for 8:30 AM in the morning. The plan was to get the uncomfortable bit out of the way, so leave room for better things for the rest of the day. Every time I spotted the appointment in my diary, I had an urge to reschedule but I guess I knew it had to be done. Plus, I was really running out of excuses. I am sure they have heard it all before. So I told a few close friends that it was planned to go, to just have other people to be accountable to as well as myself of course. That really helped me, because it was not a secret appointment I can just move anymore. My fr

iends are pretty awesome like that, I am sure yours would be too!

In the morning of the much dreaded day, I got up determined to get this done. I made my way into the clinic, very nervous. I let the dentist know that I was quite nervous, luckily I trust him enough he knows about my situation and he was very encouraging. He got it all underway quickly and I was even allowed to listen to my own music. I was in the chair for over an hour and was shaking a fair bit over the duration of the procedure, but after it was done I was very proud. I smiled with half a side of my face, the other one was too numb…

Looking back now, I think I was very afraid to go because I was punishing myself for the neglect of my teeth, through my harmful eating disorder behaviours. It is also very embarrassing to admit and I was definitely very ashamed. I can only encourage you to look at it as self-care. It does not mean you need to change anything, but your teeth and you are deserving that support and care.

If you are not sure where to go or a dentist to talk to, maybe reach out to your GP or Therapist and see if they can recommend a gentle dentist. The fear of the dentist is more common than you’d think no matter if one has an eating issue or not. You deserve to look after yourself!

Shoutout goes to my super dentist who helped me so much.

x Nina

2 Replies to “Dentist Diaries – I did it to keep smiling!”

  1. Girl, i so understand you.The teeth is one of the things i am most regretting to have ruined 😦 I have like 90% of mine replaced by artificial now…I really wish you to be all good a recover ❤


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