The Art of Inappropriate Oversharing


For a while now I have been thinking about starting my own blog. Whilst I love the idea of sharing my experiences with others and breaking down some stigma, I am afraid you might rate this as oversharing. Keeping things real and honest is important but how much information is too much?

A good starting point is thinking about why I want to publish content. For me it is a way of bringing my thoughts to paper, express myself through words and dig deep into certain topics. Writing about my road to recovery and life requires a degree of openness, but also an awareness that certain topics can be confronting.

Oversharing is a word which is connected to shame. Am I afraid to overshare because I am ashamed of the truth? Is hiding behind a big secret going to help me or others? Probably not.

Here a definition:

‘Oversharing’ – Reveal an inappropriate amount of detail about one’s personal life.
( Oxford Dictionary, 2018.)

This makes me wonder who defines an ‘inappropriate amount of detail’. Please pass on their details if you know – I’d love to have a chat. I am totally aware that some of you might turn around and feel like they would have rather not known what they just read. Don’t worry I won’t show you pictures of my puke – but I want to talk to empower other people to do the same. If it all doesn’t help – just hit the x on the top of your left or right corner (Mac or PC??).

I am not going to thrive for perfection. I am going to be honest and respectful. If you find I am revealing ‘an inappropriate amount of detail’ I guess then I am doing things right and we can start thinking about what we are actually ashamed off.

Haters gonna hate and stuff – ya know?

Over and out.
x Nina

2 Replies to “The Art of Inappropriate Oversharing”

  1. I worry about this sometimes too as I’ve been accused of it. Often people will suggest that oversharing is a cry for attention. We all know someone who always talks about themselves and never seems to really care about anyone else. I think that person is the one to watch out for, not the person who shares so much of her life but then also wants to help others. It’s good to be open. Most people don’t want to.


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